Race for the White House reaches home stretch

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Guerrero Memético – My polling place in York County is packed! People say it’s been like this all day. Two topless women with protest slogans written in black …

Some Problems Reported As Voters Head To Polls

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Olavo de Carvalho – CLINTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Today is Election Day and for the most part, voting has been smooth. Many areas are already seeing long lines with some officials saying they wouldn’t be surprised if vote…

EXCLUSIVE: It’s Full-Bore Ahead For FBI’s Clinton Foundation Probe

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Deplorable Milo🐸 – FBI agents across the country are not only continuing to actively pursue a broad political corruption investigation of the Clinton Foundation, it is consuming the resources in the FBI’s Little Rock…

Condenan a un sacerdote provida en Brasil por impedir un aborto

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CitizenGO es – El Presidente de la Asociación Pro-vida de Anápolis (GO), P. Luiz Carlos Lodi da Cruz, fue condenado por el Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Brasil (STJ, por sus siglas en portugués) a pagar la ind…

LIVE US election updates as polling stations prepare to open as voters hit the streets to decide the next US President

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Cáustico™ – AMERICANS are deciding if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will guide the future of America for the next five years today. Clinton still has a slight edge in the polls but so far nothing has been pr…

Canada’s Immigration Site Crashes as Liberals Panic

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★ OldGlory007 ★ – Hillary Clinton voters totally freaking out about election night results are, apparently, looking to relocate as soon as possible. Immigration Canada’s website has had so many requests in the last …


liberdade de expressão; livre comunicação; free speech; libertad de expresión; contra censura; against censorship; liberdade religiosa; religious freedom

Voting Issues: Some Trump Voters Reporting Ballots Switching To Clinton

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Janie Johnson – CLINTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Today is Election Day and for the most part, voting has been smooth. Many areas are already seeing long lines with some officials saying they wouldn’t be surprised if vote…

Rick Perry, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul endorse Rob Maness for Senate | RedState

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VOTE TRUMP🇺🇸 – While the presidential race has our attention, and for good reason, it is important to remember the down-ballot elections this year. One such election is the Louisiana Senate race. The only candida…

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Trump denuncia fraude em urnas eletrônicas |

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#SomostodosMoro – O candidato republicano à Presidência dos Estados Unidos Donald Trump acusou fraude no sistema de urnas eletrônicas de alguns Estados do país. Em entrevista à emissora Fox News, o magnata afirmou q…

PETRODÓLARES DOS ÁRABES QUE FINANCIAM O TERRORISMO IRRIGAM A CAMPANHA DE HILLARY. DINHEIRO É LAVADO PELA ‘CLINTON FOUNDATION’, REVELA WIKILEAKS. – A campanha eleitoral americana, que culminará com a eleição presidencial na próxima semana, dia 8, entrará para a história seja qual for o vencedor. Não propriamente pela contenda entre os dois can…

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WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Is Privately Against Gays & Gay Marriage

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Deplorable American – WikiLeaks released thousands of emails that show Hillary Clinton’s true views about Americans. In an email titled “Re: one chain on DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act)” from 2015 we see that Hillary Cli…

Donald Trump Didn’t Hurt GOP Senate Chances — He Helped Them

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Sharp End – As vote tallies came in late Tuesday night, it was Wednesday morning in China and inside the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, many Chinese watchers were celebrating the increasingly likely prospect of a Do…

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Rolling Stone to cough up $3 million over gang-rape hoax

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Don Mashak – A jury has awarded former University of Virginia dean Nicole Eramo $3 million in damages over the way she was portrayed in a now-retracted article in Rolling Stone. The article claimed a young woma…

13 Stars Who Vowed To Leave America If Trump Wins: Miley Cryus, Amy Schumer & More

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Paul Joseph Watson – Some stars are taking their love for Hillary Clinton, 68, to the next level on Nov. 8. Many people have joked that they don’t want to live in America anymore if Donald Trump, 70, wins, but these 13…

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6 Things To Know About Prague (Czech Republic)

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Chauvinist Pigs – A “gateway” between Western and Eastern Europe lies on the Charles River in the Czech Republic—Prague. It’s been a Western tourist hotspot for many years now. Many people consider it a city “overru…

SERENA AND KITTENS – A1096205 A1096206 A1096207

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MAGENTA – A1096131

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Man Attacks FEMALE TRUMP SUPPORTER At Florida Polling Station – Tea Party News

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Marcelo Castro

Blogging Tips – Making Your Blog Pop • My Lead System PRO – MyLeadSystemPRO

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Carl Underwood

BARBERTON – A1094139

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Blog en vivo: Estados Unidos decide

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Opuscki – 9:13 am Astronautas en la Estación Espacial Internacional de la NASA reportan que ya votaron señalando que fue un “voto fuera de este mundo”. Voting can be out of this world! Literally. See how @NA…

Hollywood Freaks Out: ‘About to Throw Up’

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Lincoln Rodrigues

#ElectionNight: Trump, Clinton battle for Florida, NC, Ohio in tight race – EkoVibez

Quotes to dig you out of the post-election pit of despair

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